Skoda presents Roomster Noir and Fabia Combi with Monte Carlo package in Geneva

March 13th, 2013


Aside from rolling out the new version of the Octavia, Skoda also unveiled special editions of two vehicles from its existing lineup. The first of this pair is the Fabi Combi with a Monte Carlo pack. The This vehicle has been available as a hatchback since 2011.

The Fabia estate version gives the ride a sports suspension, tinted windows, smoked headlamps, a rear spoiler, and a set of 16-inch rims. The vehicle also gets some unique options for its body finish so they can be distinguished from the other models.

The Monte Carlo equipped Fabia Combi is available with the different engines that are also available for regular variants but of course the more aggressive stance of the vehicle should guarantee a more potent petrol engine under its hood.

The other special edition vehicle at the Skoda stand in Geneva is its Roomster Noir. This vehicle is an all-black edition of the roomy MPV.

The Roomster Noir gets the Ambition Package treatment that gives it tinted windows, smoked headlams, and 16-inc rims in dark gray and black paint. Despite its name, the Roomster Noir can be ordered in different colors like the yummy looking Cappucino Beige.

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Lamborghini to market golden anniversary with a special model

January 4th, 2013

Lamborghini is preparing for a big bash for its 50th anniversary celebration in Italy come summer time. The sports car manufacturer founded by Ferrucio Lamborghini, a tractor magnate, will celebrate in style with Lambos parading around Italy and by unveiling a special model for its anniversary.

The carmaker has not released information about the one-off anniversary model but its CEO hinted that it will not be a retro or another revival. It should be safe to assume then that the company will not redo a Miura.

If the Reventon worth $2 million will be the measure of what Lamborghini might come up or the Aventador J Roadster exhibited during the auto show in Geneva last year, then we have a pretty clear picture of its upscale ambition.

A replace for the Gallardo is due to come by next year so this new supercar is another good candidate as the base for the anniversary model.

The Italian car manufacturer is also contemplating on an SUV. It showcased the Urus concept in Monterey last August.

The road trip of the bulls or what will be known as the Grande Giro Lamborghini will happen on the second week of May and may be the most noteworthy gathering of Lamborghinis in history. The run will cover around 45 miles kicking off from Milan and ending at the Lamborghini factory after four days.

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Hot Wheels version f the Chevrolet Camaro graces SEMA floors

November 8th, 2012

Car fans who are young at heart will surely have smiles when you drop by the Chevrolet display at the SEMA show in Vegas.

Chevrolet puts on exhibit the Camaro that takes inspiration from its Hot Wheels edition. The car manufacturer intends to build this car complete with the flaming logo of the toy brand and a set of redline rims. All of the Camaros will get a Kinetic Blue metallic pain finish just like the toy car.
The carmaker wants the build the car and try to bring the memories back for those who have grown up playing with their Hot Wheels. It is a tribute to the brand, and the car a big toy for kids in every autophile.

The Hot Wheels Edition Chevy Camaro will also be released as a coupe and have its convertible version. These cars will have their 2SS V8 and 2LT V6 trims. The automatic SS variants will come with 500 horses produced by its L99 powerplant while its manual version will have the LS3 that can produce 426HP. The V6 Chevy Camaro coupes will have the 3.6L engine that can crank out 323 horses. The six cylinder models will get dual-mode exhaust system while only the manual version of the V8 will get the same.

The special edition Camaro will also have exterior upgrades that will include a rear spoiler and the ZL1 upper grille. It will also have a a kit of ground effects with rocker panels and front splitter. Just like its 1/64 car model inspiration, the Chevy Camaro will sport a set of red-ringed rims that come in 21-inch diameter. Of course, the fenders get the flame graphics of Hot Wheels.

For the interior, the seats get a black leather treatment with contrast red stitches. The door inserts and instrument panel are also in black. All trims get the MyLink system of Chevy while a navigation system is optional.

Chevrolet has not announced the pricing details yet. The Hot Wheels version of the Camaro is set to hit showrooms early 2013.

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Review: 2013 G Class by Mercedes-Benz

August 17th, 2012

Only a few vehicles can can come close to the G Class of Mercedes-Benz when it comes to luxury off-road rides. The first of its kind was developed in the 1970s for Iran’s military shah. Truly, this vehicle is capable of dune-bashing or cruising on the paved avenues of Holywood.

The designers of Mercedes-Benz have not done a lot with the box-on-box, retro styling of the G Class. It is what magnets the eyes when you pass by whether you are a professional athlete or a supportive mom bringing the kids to their soccer game. It sure catches attention but the G Class is very capable of bringing you to your destination in any weather condition , with or without a road to roll onto.

It is an off-oader that provides a very comfortable ride but of course it comes for a price. The cheapest G Class can be your for a whopping $107,000. This gets you the luxury amenities inside like high quality leather, premium carpet, a dose of wood trim, and a good amount of insulation to keep the cabin very quiet. Nothing can beat the G Class in terms of prestige but competitions like the LX 570 of Lexus and the Range Rover comes close in terms of off-road capabilities and amenities.

The entry-level G Class depends on a 5.5L V-8 that gives out 388 horses. This engine is linked to a 7-speed automatic gearbox. This combo gets the ride from a stand still to 60 miles per hour in matter of 6.0 seconds. Fuel economy though is not the strength of the G Class. The G550 2012 model year returned 12 mpg on city driving and 15 mpg on highway driving. Most likely the new version of the G Class has similar numbers.

There is also the G63 AMG that gives you the same V-8 but a twin turbo version. This one can crank out 544 horses and is good enough to get you from 0 to 60 in just 5.3 seconds.

The G Class is a bit top-heavy on the road and you will definitely feel crosswinds. The power steering is quite light but sharp. The vehicle is also aided by a good system of stability control to ensure it is grounded and with a very good grip. It also has a ton of traction optimizers and locking differentials.

The vehicle has no problem in terms of interior space. A generous headroom and legroom can be attributed to its boxy design. Every element is designed for comfort but at the same time tough enough for some rough off-roading.

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Jaguar announces new supercharged V-6 and turbocharged 4-cylinder engines in Beijing

April 30th, 2012

Jaguar-F-Type-RoadsterDuring the auto show in Beijing, Jaguar introduced the two new gasoline engines that includes a supercharged V6 which will be the heart of the F-Type roadster.

The first powerplant announced by Jaguar is a turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine with 2.0L of displacement that has been derived from the Evoque by Range Rover. This engine will be used to replace the AJV6 3.0L engine of the XJ and XF saloons which will be due to roll out by summer.

The four cylinder engine is capable of giving out 237 horsepower while revving at 5,500 rpm and has a peak torque of 252 lb-ft between the range of 1,800 rpm thru 4,000 rpm. This petrol engine will be linked to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Looking at the numbers this engine can bring the Jaguar XF or XJ from stand still to 60 mph in a matter of 7.5 seconds with top speed expected to be pegged at 150 mph.

The second engine announced by Jaguar during the motor show in China is the supercharged 3.0L V6 powerplant that comes with start-stop technology and coupled with an automatic transmission with 8 speeds.

The V6 will be presented in two trims. One will be a 335 horsepower with a torque of 332 llb-ft which will be used for the XJ and XF saloons. The more potent version will be the 375HP with a torque of 339 lb-ft that will run the F-Type Jaguar sports car. The 0 to 60 times are not yet available.

Jaguar will replace the naturally aspirated V8 with 3.0L displacement with the supercharged V6 for the 2013 models of the XJ and the XF.

The car manufacturer sees the brand having a strong range of products thru the past decades and sees the move as one way to expand their reach to new consumers in their emerging and already existing markets.

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Audi officially unveils RS4 Avant with V8 engines that outputs 450PS

February 16th, 2012

2013-Audi-RS4-AvantAfter some leaked images of the new Audi RS4 recently, the car manufacturer officially unwrapped the top model of the A4 series.

The RS4 comes back in the form of a station wagon which sports a V8 powerplant with a 4.2L displacement similar to Audi’s RS5 models. The eight cylinder engine gives out 44bhp or 450PS while revving at around 8250 rpm. It can produce a peak torque of 317.15 lb-ft between 4K to 6K rpm. The power improved by around 30 bhp compared to its older RS4 sibling.

The engine is mated to an S-tronic automatic gearbox with dual clutch or an aWD quattro with around 70% of the power transferred to the front wheels or around 85% thrown to the rear wheels which translates to a 40 is to 60 ratio.

The German car manufacturer claims that the new RS4 Avant can zoom from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.7 seconds. The speedometer peaks at 250km/h but can be boosted to 280km/h. The fuel consumption is recorded at 11 liters for every one hundred kilometers.

The new RS4 Avant makes use of a re-engineered chassis. Among other improvements, the Audi wagon has a new speed dependent power steering, suspension that makes the body lower by 20mm, and a new brake setup.

The Audi RS4 Avant rolls on 19-inch 10-spoke forged rims but consumers may opt for 20 inch rims as option.

The RS4 also has some aggressive features like new design for its bumpers, rear diffuser, side skirts, and a front grille finished in matte, roof spoiler, wheel arches, and mirror housings.

According to the carmaker, the new RS4 Avant is 20mm longer, 24mm wider, and 20mm lower than its sibling on the A4 lineup.

The cabin features sports seats, steering wheel designed for multifunction, carbon inlays and aluminum inserts for the dash and door sills respectively. There is also ample cargo space of 1,430 liters.

The new member of the Audi garage will be taking spotlight in Geneva next month and will be in dealerships across Europe by Fall 2012 with a starting price of $99,900.

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Production of the new BMW 3-Series kicks off in Munich factory

November 2nd, 2011

2012-BMW-3-SeriesA new era has begun as German car manufacturer BMW starts the series production of the 2012 BMW 3 Series in their factory n Munich which boasts of 500 million euros of investment.

The investment of the BMW Group was necessary to make sure that their best selling model in the premium segment and the most vital model in volume production will be leaving the factory flawless in term of quality. The additional funding has also ensured roughly nine thousand jobs.

The plant in Munich is the home factory of the brand and it is a vital component in their network for global production of the different models. The BMW Munich factorly will be leading the production of the 6th generation BMW 3-Series. The plant is expected to produce about 680 units of the BMW 3-Series per day for the first three months of production and is expected to jump up to about 900 units per day after that.

Aside from the production of the BMW 3-Series, the Munich factory is also responsible for the production of the mainstream gas engines of BMW and as well as performance engines for the BMW M brand and even for models of luxury car marque Rolls Royce.

The 2012 3-Series will be marketed in three trims including the Modern Line, Sport Line, and Luxury Line. A Sport Package from the M Division is expected to follow.

The new BMW 328i will have a TwinPower Turbo 2.0L 4-cylinder powerplant that can give out 240 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and a torque of 260 pound fee while revving from 1,250 thru 4,800 rpm. This gets the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds with its top speed at 130 mph. The Sport Line can go as fast as 155 mph.

The BMW 335i for 2012 makes use of the 6-cyllinder 3.0L TwinPower Turbo engine that can produce 300 hp and comes with a torque of 300 lb-ft. The 335i can blast from 0 to 60 in just 5.4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 130 mph. Its Sport Line version can bring it up to 155 mph.

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2012 Lotus Exige will get a new 3.5-liter V6 engine

August 21st, 2011

Lotus Cars is a British car company that manufactures racing and sports cars. Recently, Lotus Cars released the new 2012 Exige with a new 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Since December 2010, the European market has not seen any Exige models on sale due to the falling out of its 1.8-liter V4 engine at the emissions tests. The car industry believes that Lotus Cars CEO, Dany Bahar, is currently improving the Lotus’ present line up before the 2013 models, starting with the much awaited Esprit model, roll in.

The redesigned front of the 2012 Exige is so evident. According to Donato Coco, head of Lotus’ design, the overall layout of the current Lotus models appear to be “too weak.” Coco aims to give the new models a bolder, meaner look through the inspirations he got from the new sports cars featured on the Paris’ motor show last year.

Bahar said in a statement that the Exige, Evora, and Elise models will all get over 150 enhancements including tweaks in the quality of the cars’ interiors.

Enthusiasts and car experts alike agree that the inclusion of a V6 engine to the Evora and Exige models will open new opportunities for Lotus with its sports coupe models. The new V6 engine comes with two power output options, 276bhp and 345bhp, along with an automatic transmission.

We are still waiting for official word when and where the brand new 2012 Lotus Exige with its V6 engine will make its first official debut to the automotive world.

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Leaked Renderings of the Porsche Cajun

July 25th, 2011

There have been a lot of talk about a Porsche concept car model that will rival the 3-door Range Rover Evoque. Now that we have seen the recently leaked renderings of the rumored Porsche model, things just got more interesting.

According to sources, the Porsche Cajun will be patterned after the Audi Q5 SUV and is expected to debut two years from now. There’s also talk that a 3-door coupe model of Cajun is already in production.

Based on the leaked design renderings, the Cajun coupe reeks strongly of the Porsche 911 model. The raised ride height shown in the Cajun rendering suggests that the 3-door coupe version will definitely look distinguished from the 5-door version. The Cajun’s interior will get some snazzy climate control features, an instrument pack, and an auxiliary gear switch to set it apart from the Audi Q5 SUV.

Under the hood, the Cajun will ride with Audi engines that have been fine-tuned to fit a Porsche in a four-wheel drive platform. The engine would most probably be a V-4 or V-6 in both petrol and diesel.
The Porsche Cajun will be the German automaker’s fifth product lineup. The new model is expected to help Porsche reach the target annual sales of 150,000 cars. The production of the Porsche Cajun in the Leipzig facility will create more jobs in their facility located in Germany, a total of 1000 jobs at the most. At present, the Volkswagen facility in Hannover district is in charge of the Panamera body’s construction and paint finish.

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BMW hints of new concept in ConnectedDrive video

January 29th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

BMW recently released a video that hints of a concept car using the ConnectedDrive technology which will most likely be unveiled during the motorshow in Geneva.As you can see, what we get are cool lighted lines trying to tickle your imagination to figure out the shape of something. We might be seeing a new concept car that will show off the ConnectedDrive technology of BMW.

We cannot expect a BMW 7 series beefed up with some new technologies, it will most likely be a concept with technology features that can be appplied across the BMW lineup.

On the Future Lab of BMW, the car manufacturer hints of excellent features for driving safety, convenience, and infotainment. ConnectedDrive gives you a BMW with all the possible technology that you can only dream of now. You will have a bumch of applications for navigation, parking assistance, vehicle management, internet connection, entertainment, telephoney, emergency provisions and the list goes on.

The basis of the technology is the goal of providing networked mobility to keep up with the evolving society and improve driving pleasure. This conecctivity can give drivers and passengers in a BMW access to Google services, find their way using BMW routes, or maybe call for assistance during an emergency.

Imagine while on the road, you are booking for a concert, buying a book on Amazon or finding great buys on eBay. If you beemer gets stolen, you can actually be connected with your car and get help from the Tracking Center of BMW and monitor the signal of your car.

It may sound like an ad, but imagine the BMW possibilities.

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